Friday, July 8


hello. my name is Damian Puddles. you can call me Damian. my real full name is Sir Damian Puddles however. I was awarded with Sir by a royal or something perhaps? hmm. I was called Bebek before. Funny name huh? I thought so too. I had gender and species issues before but that's okay.

on June the 14th I was smuggled to this new place, a place I've never been before. everything smelled so...different. oh no anxiety rising, where was my old home? then I met this really annoying girl. she kept on hugging me and tried to kiss me every now and then. I was like hello I'm suffocating here...and you are? gosh, I was so frustrated to the bits. but on the bright side, I got a new toilet. and some new toys, a boy's heaven! I went berserk when they teased me with the feathers. they were my kryptonite and weakened me to the bone when I got too edgy.

after staying in this unfamiliar place for a few days, I began to adapt myself with the new surroundings. and that annoying girl I mentioned before, seems to be not that annoying after all. yeah, she turned out okay. I mean, really nice. she was kind enough to feed me, bathe me, even clean my toilet everyday. she would praise me from time to time and accompany me whenever I felt lonely. she really was a caring person, not just in front of my previous human that day where most humans would pretend to care but in reality don't. hmm. I think I'm having a crush on her, golly.

oh, and she has a sister. she's okay too. but I usually get scolded by her, maybe because I'm too hyperactive. sorry, blame these extrovert genes. my crush likes to call me 'baby' most of the time, which makes me like her even more. while her sister sometimes call me 'boy'. I'm okay with that I guess.

*yawns with jaws wide open*

okay continue.

I run fast. by fast, I mean lightning fast. and I like to jump. but in the end, I would get yelled at, so there won't be any frequent jumping afterwards. but hard-headed me still likes jumping, no one can deny that! even though I would piss them off. I do it when they're not looking.

I like attention. by getting some, I sing. I'm quite the singer, frankly speaking. each time my crush hears me sings, she would come and caress me. I guess she has a crush on me too? ahem. she appreciates the voice I have. her sister does too, but she comments awfully too much on my pitchings and keys. it ticks me out. so I would bite her. biting is probably my thing now and I know they hate it. meh. however my singing is limited until night fall. I'd do my own business if it seems like I'm not attracting anyone's attention, mostly with isolating myself upstairs and staring at a wall.

It's been a month now since I settled here. so far, I think I'm loving this new home.

they managed to get some photos of me. I'm not photogenic, but I'm not saying I'm not good looking right?

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  1. hahaha...funny2...
    x ku sngke kwan ku memahami damian..syng betol hana dgn die iye..mugkin sbb berlinan jantina..perhaps..ngagagagaga