Friday, January 21


what do you know, I'm in my final year. it feels like only yesterday I reported my geeky self as a freshie at Alamanda *sigh*

degree? well, gonna have to do it someday. will it still be in this field? who knows? even I'm not certain.


these past few weeks, I've had such a headache choosing which pathology to do for my final project. like always, the last minute me had to go with diverticulitis. however, the mission to find a suitable case for it failed after about a week searching in the PPUKM's MedWeb system.

discussed with mister supervisor and yet again, indecisive me changed my case study to abdominal aortic aneurysm a.k.a AAA.

this Monday, me and mister supervisor are going to have such an interesting lunch together. wanna come? we'll double date!

BTW, last semester break was awesome. Prague baby!
okay, enough with the bragging.