Monday, November 22

yo, 'sup?

well now, I'm back in Friedrichsdorf. and dang it's freakin' cold here. it's not even winter yet but still I'm shivering to death. but if you gonna let me choose between here and Malaysia, I'd choose here! I'd rather freeze here than melt like butter in Malaysia's hot hot sun.
okay Hanna kau tak boleh join kempen Najib 1Malaysia.

anyways, how's here, some might ask.
meh. same old same old. difference is now I gotta listen to my parents' nagging and escape all Hanif's attempts to make me a human sandwich. apa-apa pun, aku still sayang korang. makes me all warm inside when I get to see you after a looong time. sekarang masanya untuk 'beruang' dengan mereka. ahaa Encik Shah, Encik Shah.

and oh yeah, since it's almost winter, sundowns here are as early as 4.30 p.m. at 5 it's already dark.
huh? kenapa Hanna cepat sangat, whyyyyyy? google it. malas aku nak cerita bab bumi putar-putar nie. aku tunggu nak snow je teehee.

sekarang nie aku tengah terkial-kial type disebabkan keyboard Jerman nie dah berterabur huruf-huruf die with all these additional ü€öµÄ etc etc. haihh, somebody slip me a book 'Typing for Dummies' pronto.

oleh sebab TV kat sini SEMUANYA BERBAHASA GERMAN, MTV GERMAN, HINDUSTAN PUN GERMAN (okay stop exaggerating, it's their country), aku tak tertarik langsung nak tengok cerita-cerita kat TV tu. nasib CNN tak German, phew.
so...I'm starting my marathon watching The Simpsons on DVD, season 1 - season 20. so be jealous people hahaha! *evil laugh*

ahaa..Daddy's home. gotta scadaddle, bet he wanna use this lappy.
salam dari perantau. ahaks

Sunday, November 14


tell me, if you get dreams you've dreamed before, is that bad? not once, not twice, but I mean a lot of times in your sleep, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot, like numerous, countless, plentiful, loads. okay I think you get what I mean.
and keeps replaying like tape. what's up with that? huh? huh?

I call them my 'series of unfortunate events'. can't erase them from my head *sigh*

and yeah, it would be pretty nice if I get dreams, say, get real rich and live in CandyLand, instead of being locked up in the same room.

okay whatever.

by the way, I feel like singing
"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door...I hate to wake you up and say goodbye..."

hey y'all I'm going back to Frankfurt today! balik kampung yop haha
see you at KLIA, 2100 hours.