Sunday, July 26

why do we hate our brothers?

  1. they can't keep themselves clean
  2. they pick a fight on you for no reason
  3. they make you wanna scream 'til your lungs give out
  4. they whine and cry or do other noises that are ear aching
  5. they just can't understand simple words like 'no' or 'go away'
  6. they call your things theirs
  7. they think they're always right cause of that fat-ass ego they carry
  8. they make you wanna stab them a hundred times
  9. they have people to stick up for them
  10. they make you tired and sick
but hey Hanif, I'm missing those reasons right now.

cuti huh?

lets all give a round of applause to the most popular virus circulating around now, influenza A H1N1, for giving the kids a week break ahead. yeah, everyone in all of the UiTM campuses can have an enjoyable week of fun and relaxation. have second rounds of all the movies screening now, climb Genting Highlands and play all the rides until you don't have any energy to get back down, or maybe lay back on your most favourite bed with all your teddies and kiss them until you get bored.

yay cuti cuti cuti

...everyone except us! dammit!

I texted En. Fadli saying kami tak cuti ke? and he said,
"xde.praktikal mcm biase ye."


and here's what Ms. Ann sent to us through email
"Dear students,

Cuti pertengahan semester telah dipercepatkan ke minggu depan. Pekeliling telah dikeluarkan oleh Kampus induk. Semua kuliah akan bermula semula pada 3/8/09. Cuti ini hanya melibatkan pelajar HS112 & HS222 yang berada di kampus jalan othman sahaja.

Pelajar HS112 semester 3 & 5 yang sedang menjalani latihan klinikal TIDAK TERLIBAT.

Ini bermakna latihan klinikal masih lagi diteruskan sehingga 7/8/09. TQ


yes, I am a third semester student of HS 112.
and I want a break too since there's no more cuti for this semester
kasihan lah kami cuti kena cut.

Wednesday, July 15


please oh please I beg you.
take me to the movies please cause I really REALLY wanna see
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Sunday, July 12


sunday morning

8 a.m-1 p.m
(as long we get to move around)
breakfast, burger Segamat
with him!

Friday, July 10


actually, I wanted to post something up as soon I arrived in Malaysian grounds. I really wanted to, but nothing came to mind. as a matter of fact, I was having a major breakdown for the first week after arrival. I miss Ayah, Mama and Hanif soooooo much!! words can't express how I feel.

by the end of that week, I busied myself in preparing stuff for my clinical practice. stuffed everything into one huge luggage bag. that includes Creamy. I can't leave you baby.

6 JULY 2009,
the first day of clinical practice for the new semester. okay, I'm not excited
where? Hospital Segamat, Johor.
with? Nurul Shazwani Zaman Zuri.
for how long? 5 weeks.

10 JULY 2009, today, the end of the first week, yay! now I'm excited.
I simply love the weekends
and I can't wait for my planned Sunday together with Alif!