Thursday, May 5

okay menyampah dah

now that's the hundredth thing you've done that totally pissed me off. got anymore? cause surely you'd like to see me erupt rite?

tolong lah weyh.

I found this 15 year old kid singing one of my oh-so favorite songs, 'One in a Million'. Najwa Latif's the name. it was okay lahhh for me. berbakat jugak dia nie. bagus bagus. dan comel.

the Yuna population nampak nya dah bertambah

then I found this gal. she's a Kiwi. bukan buah kiwi ye sahabat atau kiwi binatang tak bersayap tu, tapi Kiwi as in she's from New Zealand. eheh.

and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed! mmhmm. the way she sang and played that darn guitar makes it all look too easy man huh! I envy you grr. but still, you did blew me away sayang. okay ew.
kau boleh main guitar macam dia tak? tak boleh kan haha

hmm tak kesah lah.
sapa pun buat cover, I'd always prefer the original. no one can beat you, Ne-Yo! *shrieking obsessed tone*

killer moves there Ne-Yo,
keep making 'em awesome songs and clips yaw.

Tuesday, May 3

quote of the day

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
Theodor Seuss Geisel