Thursday, June 25

52 years

happy birthday Ayah!
born in the merdeka year. uh-oh getting old.
but still, YOUR DAUGHTER LOVES YOU. and I'm gonna miss you. semoga Allah panjangkan umur Ayah so that we can spend the holidays together again, amin...

Wednesday, June 24

season 4 Ugly Betty

the season premiere will air October 9, 2009 in the US. I can't wait to watch what happens next! DRAMEDY!

course registration

I've just updated my UiTM course registration. like the last semester, I chose all to be in group A. I think it's easier that all my subjects are in one group, A I mean. one group A, the other group B C D E F and whatever so on can be totally confusing sometimes especially when changing classes.

come to think of it, when it's all A's, my exam slip looks pretty neat you know. all A's, like those are my grades. okay, reality check Hanna.

last semester's results was just so-so. gotta B for Physics, didn't expect that really. I freaked out and my brain nerve network snapped just looking at the exam paper that day. as soon as it was over, I quickly text and called him and poured my heart out. I feared sooo much that I wasn't gonna pass. but Alhamdulillah, things came out the other way. and thank GOD this 3rd semester there's no more Physics. yee haw!

coming back to my real idea of this post, when I was doing my subject registration, I found out BEL 311 couldn't be put to a group. it's not to worry really. sooner or later, they will insert the BEL groups. I've encountered these things in the past, typical UiTM.
so make sure guys that you open frequently the famous UiTM student page that we all love and double check the info. register and update what's necessary like BEL 311.

and thanks Najwa for the timetable.
go figure, it turns out that group A's planned schedule is not as stressful compared to the other. okay, just a teensy bit less stressful.
did you know our classes are from 8 o' clock in the morning til 6 in the evening?! omg omg omg. Monday to Friday! okay lah I'm kidding, not everyday. Friday we have the whole afternoon off cause there's just BEL in the morning. but still, it's still gonna be very tiring each week, right?

so pack up your energy bars baby cause next sem is gonna be real hectic and chaos!

Tuesday, June 23

and Nabilah!

happy birthday to you too! you have the same birthday as my sis, how could I forget!

happy birthday Aishah

well, here's not exactly the 23rd but Malaysia is. so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you're 20 now and you're getting older by the minute

Monday, June 22

Red Light Destrict, Amsterdam

ever heard of it?

we went there alright. just a stroll down. okay twice. there's that mixture of 'eew+oh my+wow+hanif,close your eyes!' feeling. so kids, jangan ikut macam abang Hanif okay?

when all three lights light up, it's in full operation man!

weed lollipops, females in lingerie at windows promoting, 18sx souvenir junks, peep shows, coffee shops etc. etc.
now that's what I call an open country hahaha mengucap panjang kau lalu...

DON'T chase the ducks

or you'll end up like this boy.

Monday, June 15

five months

and I haven't posted anything!
yay! keep up the good work Hanna.