Monday, December 13


out of randomness, I nosed in Wikipedia to do a background check on this MTV personality, Snooki. it's just because she kept rolling into my mind lately. maybe a little too much.

why was she becoming the talk of the town? is she like more hotter than Jessica Alba? and why the hell is Jersey Shore so popular now?

her real name is Nicole Polizzi. and she's wayyy far behind from Alba's hotness. am I right or am I right?


hey, did you know that 13 places in the world are named after me? wicked!

okay, not after me. I happen to have the same name with those places. sheesh.

Hanna Lake near Quetta city in Pakistan

9 are named with Hanna's.
while the rest are Hannah's.
no joke people.

okay toodles.

Friday, December 10

quote of the day

Homer J. Simpson

Tuesday, December 7

reunited after 10 years

Oma (granny in Deutsch)
Snowbear The First
Monkey-mon? (sorry, there's no specific name for him. and aku malas nak rotate)
new homies ;))

okay, she's gonna get it.

...and to all of my brothers and sisters,

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432